Dark Titan Shop is the official apparel store of Dark Titan Entertainment. Showcasing the characters and stories of the three Dark Titan branches. Dark Titan Universe, Dark Titan Extended, and EverWar Universe. All created by Ty’Ron W. C. Robinson II.
The purpose of this store is broaden out the Dark Titan brands across the world. getting eyes upon them wherever possible. Presenting opportunities of interest into new characters and stories outside the social norm of today for the peculiar people scattered throughout the world.
If you choose to purchase anything from this shop, you would be doing a great service in spreading the brands of Dark Titan Entertainment to a larger and new audience.
When you receive your purchase and if you choose to do a review, send them to darktitanshop@gmail.com where they will be featured on the apparel or accessories you’ve purchased.
Visit darktitanentertainment.com for more details pertaining to the characters and brands. C